What is our IoT solution about?

Our end-to-end Industrial IoT solution allows enterprises to use data from any object in real time helping them make faster and smarter decisions to grow their business.  

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Our IoT solution includes:

• Hardware to connect any object to the Internet and collect data 24/7.

• Web application with mobile access that allows users to review and analyze data, log events and generate reports.

• Alarm and notification services that inform users of events in real time and allow them to take actions as needed.

• Big Data, AI and machine learning engine analysis integration.


How to implement our solution:


Our solution is designed to be self-installed and activated in five steps:

Step 1: Understand your needs and requirements.

Step 2: Choose your solution and subscribe.

Step 3: Activate your gateway.

Step 4: Install your gateway.

Step 5: Access our web application and set up your preferences.



Why choose Identidad Technologies' IoT Solution:

  • Flexible and versatile

  • Adapts to your specific business needs

  • No high investment needed to start

  • Easy and fast to install and activate

  • End-to-end solution – we take care of every aspect of the solution

  • Cloud-based solution – highly available in real time, anytime, anywhere 


We provide companies with the best IoT solutions and technological innovations, regardless of size or industry and without the need for a major investment in infrastructure.

Our innovative and flexible IoT solutions help clients enter the new era in technology: the Internet of Things (IoT), a trend expected to grow 15% annually with a business volume of close to $1.29 billion.


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