By Andrés Sánchez. CEO Identidad IoT

A hospital, a supermarket, a cultivated field. At first sight, these three spaces don’t have much in common.  But when it comes to technology and management, all three have the same fundamental needs: the ability to monitor the elements, control temperature and be sustainable.  Can a health center allow medications to expire without incurring financial losses and endangering patient health? What would happen if a supermarket didn’t replace the food on its shelves before its expiration date? 

At Identidad IoT, we focus on meeting the environmental monitoring needs of a range of industries, including such factors as temperature and humidity and minute-by-minute cold chain reports, supporting crucial processes.   

In farming, precision agriculture is gaining more space every day, and IoT has been key to its success.  From monoculture to increasing biodiversity, from irrigation to pest control: All can be improved by using a combination of sensors and networks that not only boost productivity but also contribute to creating a better relationship between humans and the environment. 

The evolution of IoT has led to the development of new uses and devices for this technology almost on a daily basis, and we are at the cutting edge of this trend.  A tiny transmitter can generate thousands of data that empower companies to make better decisions for themselves and their clients.  Internal monitoring and an extended network of sensor-equipped information nodes between clients and providers integrate the value chain, optimizing costs and improving controls with software tools that yield the online data needed to generate and maintain sustainability. 

In the short term, we aim to revolutionize the cold chain, a fundamental concern for the food and pharmaceutical sectors. IoT sensors and applications at sites that handle and distribute food and medications can create monitoring networks along the entire supply chain. 
In the food sector, sensors send alerts that warn stores when products are about to reach their expiration date for transportation or consumption. The end result is less wasted food and better coordination between producers, warehouses and stores.  Above all, it means added guarantees for the quality of food that reaches consumers.  
Monitoring environmental factors is another current priority at Identidad IoT.  We aim to contribute solutions for checking air quality and concentrations of harmful gases and pollutants, giving environmental experts and authorities reliable and accurate tools to protect the health and security of the population.

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