“Avatar,” the James Cameron movie that ranks as the biggest box office hit of all time, is set on Pandora, a faraway planet where different species are interconnected and live in harmony with their environment.

This is why we decided to call our engineering project Pandora: It offers a way for the different sensors used in IoT to be connected to a single box, so they can “talk” to and interconnect with the applications that provide data to agricultural producers.

IoT technology can be implemented for all types of crops, as long as growers can identify the data they need.

At Identidad IoT, we draw on our experience in agriculture to make it simple to apply IoT solutions, no matter what the crop. We started with coffee and moved on to berries and cherries. We are currently working on applications for palms, mandarin oranges, avocados and rice, and will most likely be expanding soon to cacao.

Each one of these crops has unique needs, requiring different types of data. Identidad IoT has the technological capacity to provide the right sensor for each one, thanks to Pandora’s ability to connect all systems, whether digital or analog.

This allows us to take advantage of existing sensors, using Pandora to communicate with applications that collect data throughout the day. In the past, a person used to have to collect the data from such sensors “in situ”; with Pandora, information comes in 24 hours a day, ensuring its timeliness and accuracy.

IoT is helping growers increase their precision and, as a result, their productivity. Why add fertilizer to the point of diminishing returns?

Rice, for example, needs a special type of fertilizer. The data curve from sensors shows that that the difference in productivity between 40, 50, 70 or 80% fertilizer is minimal. So why apply more than necessary?

Thanks to Pandora, dozens of different sensors can communicate and interconnect, helping growers in the field not only with data but also smarter decision making.

Pandora isn’t just a faraway planet populated by strange blue inhabitants, after all.

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