IoT Is Only Useful for Creating ‘Smart’ Homes

In recent years there’s been a lot of talk about IoT and its advantages for people and companies.  Despite all the buzz, however, false perceptions persist about its use for business purposes.

These perceptions are due in large part to the ways mass consumer companies have presented and marketed this type of technology.  The market is full of applications for connecting everyday household objects, from “smart” washers, light switches and light bulbs to cameras and alarms.

While it’s true that this technology can be used to connect many of the appliances we use at home and make daily life easier, this is only a small part of what it has to offer.  Household applications are at best a very basic example of its capabilities.

Given its potential, companies would be wise to change their mentality with regard to the uses of IoT.  Incorporating this technology can give them a competitive advantage while steering them down the road to digital transformation, allowing them to reap the tangible benefits of IoT for their operations. 

For example, companies in the agricultural sector can use sensors to produce real-time readings of factors such as temperature, relative humidity, precipitation, organic material levels, etc. This information can help growers understand the impact of such factors and their interactions on yields, allowing them to design better growing plans and take proactive steps to improve their harvests and products. 

Sensor-based solutions are also useful in the industrial sector, where they can warn of equipment failures, measure energy consumption or the amount of material used in different processes, and monitor emissions.  Installing this type of system can help companies avoid inefficiencies and save on costs. 

Ultimately, IoT can help companies gain a clearer understanding of how things work, giving them more control over events that affect their business.  The information provided by the use of artificial intelligence can also be used to automate processes and make them more efficient.

For all of these reasons, now is the time for companies and the public in general to broaden their concept of IoT and its uses, and understand that the information it offers can help lead to better decisions in a variety of areas. 

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