IoT with a Whiff of Coffee

For years it was common to say that Latin America trailed more developed countries in technological progress by anywhere from 5 to 10 years. That may have been true two or three decades ago, but not anymore: Today, our region has access to virtually all of the latest technology, from crypto currency and artificial intelligence to cloud computing and, obviously, the Internet of Things.

This access has been fueled by the adoption of these technologies in a market more sensitive to price fluctuations than its counterparts in Europe, Asia or the United States.

Investment in technology has an almost 1:1 correlation with the evolution of a country’s GDP. Companies in regions such as ours that experience constant economic ups and downs tend to postpone key business decisions, in hope of “better times.”

At Identidad IoT, we have always maintained that investment in technology is just that – an investment, not an expense. Our understanding of the real conditions our clients face has spurred us to develop solutions adapted to their needs.

This consideration has led us to change our business model. Previously, we sought partnerships with companies that produced the sensors and applications we needed to integrate into our solutions. But despite the fact that we approached the Latin American market with a viable business proposal, the sensor and applications manufacturers were creating their products for the European and US markets, at costs those markets could absorb.

These high costs have caused technologies that should be more accessible, such as IoT, to remain out of reach of many businesses in our region.

Activities such as agriculture or cold chains, for example, rely on multiple sensors to ensure precise data. To respond to this need, we decided to recreate the entire value chain from zero, allowing us to design and develop tailor-made solutions not just in terms of our clients’ technical and operational needs, but also with regard to their affordability.

An example is the hardware we are creating specifically for agricultural solutions such as those we offer Colombian coffee plantations. With these solutions, we can demonstrate what IoT is and how to implement it.

At Identidad IoT, we understand that technology should be within reach of those who need it.

This article was published at Andrés Sánchez`s Linkedin Profile

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