When it comes to productivity, efficiency and experience, the Internet of Things (IoT) has become a strategic ally for sectors such as agroindustry, health and retail.  At Identidad IoT, we contribute to the development of IoT solutions and the interconnection of elements across storage and data management networks.

In recent years, these sectors have found in IoT a solution for accessing online information about stocks, inventories and crucial inputs, allowing their leaders to make accurate decisions for the development of different processes. 

In agroindustry, IoT helps companies boost their productivity, cut costs and grow their revenue.  The applications for this sector are infinite.  Precision agriculture is one of them; sensors allow growers to manage their crops by observing and measuring environmental variables such as relative humidity, temperature and light levels, sending automatic alerts so they can take appropriate action.  By helping them avoid damage to their crops, IoT protects their work and investment.

Health is another sector that benefits the most from IoT, which allows providers to automate some of their processes and make their operations more efficient.  It integrates and enhances the security of alert systems and helps manage medication stocks, ensuring they are used before their expiration date and are stored at the right temperatures.

When companies and facilities are relieved of the burden of logistical management, they are able to offer better service to users and patients.  At Identidad IoT, we complement these systems with devices that provide operational data in real time, as well as emergency notifications and remote monitoring that protect patients’ wellbeing. 

Last but not least is retail, a sector where the Internet of Things offers the basic capacity to know more about one’s clients through product control, optimized use of space, reservations, and data on availability.  These factors help companies identify their clientele’s characteristics and tastes, helping them create new ideas and marketing strategies.

Connectivity makes all the difference in all of these industries.  At Identidad IoT, we help companies take maximum advantage of data to offer a more effective and innovative service portfolio. 

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