In a previous post we talked about the hardware we have developed specifically for use in agriculture. Those same sensors, however, have applications appropriate for other sectors as well.

Temperature, for example, is one of the factors farmers are most interested in measuring. The solutions we developed to meet their needs are applicable to the control of cold chains as well.

Imagine a hospital that needs to keep medications refrigerated at all times.  A break in the cold chain could cause them to go bad, resulting in financial losses for the hospital and posing a health risk if doctors and nurses who are unaware of the problem continue to administer the drugs to patients.

Identidad IoT has solutions to meet this need, as well as other overlooked markets and vertical chains.

One such application is indoor tracking, the ability to monitor the whereabouts of people or objects in closed environments where GPS is inoperable. In a hospital setting, for example, how can staff keep track of a specific stretcher, oxygen tank or IV pole?

We are solving this problem with what is known as beacon technology. Special receivers are placed at different spots in a building and, when triangulated, can pinpoint any object equipped with a tiny transmitter.

This is useful in managing inventory or safeguarding expensive or critical equipment, as in the example cited above.

IV equipment, for example, must be calibrated every three months. A hospital could have 500 of these apparatuses, but some may have been moved to other divisions, meaning only 100 or so can be located at any given time. Beacon technology can locate the equipment and send an alarm to notify administrators if items have been removed from the hospital, whether intentionally or not.

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