Environmental degradation is a problem around the world, and at Identidad IoT it is a concern that drives innovation and entrepreneurship. 
Environmental problems are an especially serious challenge in the world’s cities.  They threaten access to essential goods and services, including drinking water, waste management, air quality, and sanitation in densely populated areas.  
Now more than ever, technology can be part of the answer to these challenges.  The World Economic Forum has recognized this fact, creating an Initiative on Digital Economy and Society to ensure an inclusive, reliable and sustainable digital future. 
The Internet of Things (IoT) holds out special hope in this area.  McKinsey ranks it as one of the three most significant technological advances that will affect society between now and the year 2030.  By 2025, experts estimate, IoT will have a US$11.1 trillion impact on the world economy, the equivalent of 14% of current global GDP. 
For Identidad IoT, the International Declaration on the Internet of Things for Sustainable Development, signed in 2017 in Geneva, Switzerland, is more than just a political document; we have adopted it as a practical and responsible business guide.  It provides important insights for understanding which social and civil problems can be solved by technology, and how innovation by companies such as ours can play a practical and even urgent role in improving quality of life and combating global warming. 
Using this global agreement as our base, we have developed a work plan and business model that defines the nature of our business and our commitment to put technology at the service of society. 
Our vision is to use IoT to help cities develop sustainable water management solutions by integrating and connecting sensors and systems that monitor aquifers, giving advance warning of floods and landslides.  We can also have an impact with controls that measure household energy consumption and allow smart buildings to save money with renewable energy sources. 
In the same vein, we are working on IoT solutions for efficient waste management solutions to allow the cities of the future to reduce the risk of air and water pollution.  These include sensors that measure the fill levels of dumpsters and other large waste containers, making collection services more timely and efficient, especially in commercial zones and tourist areas. 
Similar technology can be used to monitor wastewater flows, sewer levels and water pressure to avoid accidents that pose a risk to public health.  With IoT, such threats can be averted with rapid and efficient response systems. 
Demand is growing in the public and private sectors for IoT solutions that enable positive and accurate decisions about global warming and other environmental challenges.  Better management of such environmental factors is key to improving the quality of life of urban residents. 
At Identidad IoT, we are committed to continue innovating to produce simple, affordable technologies that represent a real alternative for cities in the US and Latin America.

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