Colombian companies will invest in Internet of Things technology in 2018 to help them become more efficient and competitive. This is their New Year’s resolution.

IoT Is Only Useful for Creating ‘Smart’ Homes
In recent years there’s been a lot of talk about IoT and its advantages for people and companies.  Despite all the buzz, however, false perceptions persist about its use for business purposes.These perceptions are due in large part to the ways mass consumer companies have presented and marketed this type of technology.  The market is full of applications for connecting everyday...
Internet of things connections
For many companies and businesses, the road toward implementing Internet of Things (IoT) solutions has been tortuous and, in most cases, unsuccessful.One of the main reasons why businesses don’t get the results they want when they implement this type of technology is their insistence on trying to measure and control all of the data they generate with IoT. This results in a...
Security and Internet of things
Myth #1 IoT isn’t secureThe rapid proliferation and adoption of devices connected to IoT has led to generalized concern among companies and individuals about the potential for security breaches. A lot has been written about the risk of security problems with IoT. Platform developers, manufacturers and providers have been blamed for lacking the security measures, design...