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IoT Services

The Internet of Things (IoT) helps companies in all sectors and industries resolve challenges while lowering costs, improving productivity and growing their revenue.  The applications of IoT are infinite; below are a few examples involving fleet management, parking and other business areas.


Smart Parking

  • Designed to improve parking management through the placement of sensors in lots and garages.
  • Detects occupancy and vacancy of parking spaces in real time and provides data insights on usage trends to drive business optimization.
  • Smart mobility

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Smart Tracking and Monitoring

  • Maps the movements of objects and people in real time.
  • Restricts movement to pre-established boundaries, sending SMS and app alerts to notify of breaches. 
  • Equipped with a panic button that also functions as an alert.
  • Ideal for tracking valuable assets/inventory or individuals suffering from conditions such as Alzheimer’s.

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Connected Vehicles

  • App makes it possible to keep track of vehicles at all times, detecting whether they leave their area of operation or suffer a mechanical defect.
  • Designed for vehicle finance companies, insurers, businesses with fleets and the retail sector.
  • Smart mobility

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Precision Farming

  • This application relies on strategic placement of sensors to measure environmental variables such as: relative humidity, temperature, luminosity levels and other environmental factors.
  • When changes in these variables are detected, the app sends automatic alerts to allow users to take appropriate action.
  • Smart agriculture

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