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Identidad Technologies IoT Solutions

The Internet of Things (IoT) offers interconnectivity between the Internet and physical business assets. Smart devices promote improved monitoring, performance, and operations. Identidad Technologies IoT helps companies in all industries resolve challenges while improving productivity and growing their revenue. We strategize with our clients to determine which outcomes are most critical from IoT implementation projects. High-level differentiation and foundational transformation are commonly achieved when working with Identidad Technologies IoT.

Our Solutions for Manufacturing

The Internet of Things is being used to great effect in manufacturing facilities across the globe. Identidad Technologies IoT implementations for manufacturing can make use of predictive analytics, inventory tracking, and improved automation.

  • Predictive maintenance notifications to reduce equipment malfunctions

  • Reduced employee overhead via powerful and intelligent automation

  • Measure and track facility safety metrics to meet compliance and regulations

Our Solutions for Healthcare

Healthcare companies and health systems in general face strict regulations and are challenged to maintain compliance. Additionally, medical assets are expensive and managing their use and upkeep can be difficult without the right technology in place. Identidad Technologies IoT combats these challenges for enterprise healthcare companies with state-of-the-art sensor installation and intuitive software for managing and reporting on IoT outcomes.

  • IoMT sensors track assets under management

  • Meet and track HIPAA compliance metrics in real time

Our Solutions for Logistics

Transportation, shipping, and logistics companies are overhauling their fleets with IoT sensors, connectivity, and software solutions. Identidad Technologies IoT can implement inventory tracking to keep operation managers informed in real time. Alarms and notifications can be built into IoT systems for improved warehousing across the supply chain.

  • Monitoring and assessment of variables impacting fleet management, storage, and value chain

Our Solutions for Agriculture

Smart farming is an up-and-coming vertical of the AgriTech sector which employs IoT sensors and devices to build a data-rich farming environment. Our agriculture partners are reaping the benefits of digital transformation through IoT in many ways.

  • Plan better product distribution with yield predictions

  • Track soil quality over time for maximum planting returns

  • Measure variables like humidity, temperature, and other environmental factors for improved insights

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