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Identidad Technologies IoT

Identidad Technologies IoT

High-level differentiation and foundational transformation are commonly achieved when working with Identidad Technologies IoT.

Identidad Technologies is a telecommunications and technology organization with a complete suite of services including voice, SMS, communication flows, business process orchestration, and enterprise IoT solutions.

We’ve applied our technology learnings and innovative spirit to develop an end-to-end Internet of Things offering for enterprise business. Identidad Technologies IoT supplies the sensors, devices or gateways, and the software to become your IoT partner from discovery through implementation. Our solutions include:

Hardware to connect any object to the Internet and collect data 24/7.

Web application with mobile access that allows users to review and analyze data, log events and generate reports.

Alarm and notification services that inform users of events in real time and allow them to take

Big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning engine analysis

Getting started is easy with almost no barriers to entry. Gateway and sensor installation is straightforward. Getting onboarded to your custom software solution for analysis and reporting will provide unimaginable insights. Simply contact us and start your digital transformation with IoT.